Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Learning Chinese

Thought I would start blogging again. Things have changed in the middle. I'm now married, back in Australia, and writing this on an Android phone.

I never had a phone before, but I'm really liking this one. The great thing about it is that you can program it. I wrote Chinese Tap to learn Chinese. It works nicely. Today, coming home from work I learnt the colours.

If you'd like a copy, you can get one (for the price of half a can of softdrink) from Hope you enjoy it!

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Brittney Muller said...

Hi, Chucky.

This is Brittney from MissNOLAssippi and Blab. I wanted to be sure to touch base to thank you for checking in and for being in the Blab. It is awesome to know that there was at least one other believer there providing me with support. And thank you for the insight into their motivation and thought process. It is pretty common for aetheists to ask answers of us without ever explaining their own thoughts, beliefs or reasoning. For example, they seem to love to ask Christians about evil in the world but never explain how they deal with evil in the world. Thankfully, I never felt attacked or pigeon-holed, probably largely because I know what I believe. So answering questions about it doesn't bother me, and I know that what we believe will sound foolish to those who don't because the Bible says so. Having those types of conversations aren't easy, but I always pray that God will use me to say what He wants and where I get in the way, He will allow that to fall away. No worries about deconversion; that won't happen because (as I tried to explain to them) Christianity is more than a "belief system" for me; it is my very life. Thanks again for the encouragement, accountability, and support. Those things are imperative between believers. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter, Blab, and Periscope. I try to use those platforms when I can to share what I believe and how I pursue it, and it is always good to know there are other believers there when I do.