Sunday, March 22, 2009

A wiki for apologetics

After a search through the internet to try to find some apologetics wikis, I couldn't find any. Although there are some really informative and active wikis for Christianity in general (like WikiChristian) there didn't seem to be any for apologetics. So I've started one of my own. It's Apologetics-Wiki and everyone is welcome to edit it.

The same issues come up over and over again when we're talking about Christianity. Christianity is attacked for the same reasons, and often the same answers are given in response. A lot of what is repeated over and over again on the internet has been deeply thought about. I was hoping that apologetics wiki would be a place where Christians and people who were seeking answers to the big questions could go to find out some of the answers.

Right now, it's just started. The hardest thing will be finding people to contribute to the website. Once it is big enough, and there are some regular contributors it will take a life of it's own. But right now it's just me. I need some help, and I'm not sure how to get it on the internet...

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